Roughly 10 years ago, I started a project called GreaterMUD. It was an attempt at a remake of a previous MUD called MajorMUD, after the owners of that game abandoned the community. I've maintained and supported that game over the years, but there was not much motivation for active development for a game that relied on an obsolete protocol (telnet).

I started WebMUD in June 2015. The goal was to properly bring text-based MUDs to the web. I believe I'm accomplishing that with WebMUD. No emulators, no laggy polling, no clunky mismatched third party layers -- just MUDs done right on the web. In early November of 2015, I walked out of a decent paying fulltime contract gig to start fulltime work on WebMUD and see it through to the end.

The rest remains to be seen. :)