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Name: Half-Ogre
Description: The work-horses of the kingdom, half-ogres are the most viled, and most feared of all races due to their quick temper and massive strength. Half-ogres are the product of a union between an ogre and an orc, so intelligence has never been one of their strong points. Because of this, half-ogres are very limited in the classes they can pursue, only able to become Fighters or Rogues. But, no adventuring party is complete without the brute force of a half-ogre fighter leading the charge.
Exp %: 5
HP Gain / Lvl: 1-1
Strength: 70-200
Agility: 20-70
Intellect: 20-50
Willpower: 30-70
Health: 70-200
Charm: 30-50
Abilities: DR 10, AC 10, Mres 20