Dark Dwarf

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Name: Dark Dwarf
Description: Dark Dwarves, also known as Duergar, are a subterranean race. They are close kin to the Hill Dwarf, but with a diabolic taint to their blood. They now carve out their existence in the underworld, often near, or right alongside the dark elves. Indeed, both dark dwarves and dark elves have developed a special kindred bond. Dark Dwarves are in some ways even better adapted to underground living than dwarves. While dwarves lack the capacity to see completely in the deepest darkness, this is not a problem for duergar, who are so adapted. Dark dwarves also possess an increased resistance to magics. Dark dwarves are a sneaky, crafty people, unlike their honor-bound cousins and often excel at setting up ambushes or moving out of sight. Conversely, many also are good at detecting hidden objects. They excel as Rogues, but also do well as Fighters, Clerics and Warlocks. All Dark Dwarves have innate poison immunity!
Exp %: 20
HP Gain / Lvl: 0-0
Strength: 50-130
Agility: 30-90
Intellect: 30-120
Willpower: 50-150
Health: 50-150
Charm: 30-90
Abilities: NightVision 125, Mres 5