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Name: Dark-Elf
Description: Dark elves are the sinister, distant cousins to high-elves. Just as do high-elves, dark elves see themselves as superior to all other races. Unique to the dark race though, is their view of the female gender. Dark-elves view females as royalty, and far superior to their male counterparts. All positions of authority within the dark-elf hierarchy are always held by females, while the males tend to the needs of the city and home structure. Dark-elves are subterranean creatures, and have developed highly efficient night vision abilities. They also gain enhanced critical attacks, and are well suited to the ranger and spell caster classes, and excel as a shadow-walker.
Exp %: 20
HP Gain / Lvl: 0-0
Strength: 40-120
Agility: 50-150
Intellect: 50-120
Willpower: 30-110
Health: 40-130
Charm: 40-110
Abilities: GrantStealth 55, NightVision 125, Crits 5, Accuracy 3