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Name: High-Elf
Description: The long-lived High-elves are children of the natural world, similar in many superficial ways to fey creatures, yet different as well. High-Elves value their privacy and traditions, and while they are often slow to make friends, once an outsider is accepted as a comrade, such alliances can last for generations. Although generally taller than humans, elves possess a graceful, fragile physique that is accentuated by their long, pointed ears. Their eyes are wide and almond-shaped, and filled with large, vibrantly colored pupils. Many elves embark on adventures out of a desire to explore the world, leaving their secluded forest realms to reclaim forgotten elven magic or search out lost kingdoms established millennia ago by their forefathers. For those raised among humans, the ephemeral and unfettered life of an adventurer holds natural appeal. Elves generally eschew melee because of their frailty, preferring instead to pursue classes such as wizards and rangers.
Exp %: 20
HP Gain / Lvl: 0-0
Strength: 35-90
Agility: 50-130
Intellect: 50-150
Willpower: 40-130
Health: 30-100
Charm: 50-130
Abilities: GrantStealth 50, MARegen 10, NightVision 100