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Name: Mage
Description: Mages are generally the best respected of all arcane spell casters, since they usually have a measure of discipline that is uncommon among other arcane spell casters. What mages lack in combat prowess and armor they make up for with a broad range of magical spells and abilities learned through years of practice and training. Through their spellcasting ability powerful mages can control the battlefield, using spells that affect wide areas, often hindering enemies, while also learning to use powerful rituals of arcane power. Due to the intellectual requirements for this class, all races EXCEPT Half-Ogre may pursue the Mage path. Prime stats: Intellect and Health Combat Level: 3
Exp %: 120
Combat: 3
HP Gain / Lvl: 4-6
Weapons: Staff
Armour: Silk
Abilities: GrantMagic 73623771-5e5b-4ed9-affb-34892253c3ad:3, Meditate 100, RaceNotOK: Half-Ogre