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Name: Druid
Description: Druids are primal spell casters of considerable power and versatility, who gain their power through being at one with nature or through a connection to a powerful deity or nature spirit. Serving as the Guardians of the Wilderness, Druids believed that the four elements of the natural world - air, earth, fire, and water - must be prevented from ever gaining advantage over one another, lest the world become dominated by the forces of the elemental planes. Accordingly, Druids are true Neutral in their alignment and beliefs, and will gain additional bonuses while following a neutral path. Intellect and Willpower are equally important to druids while channeling their spiritual resources, and any race EXCEPT Half-Ogre may pursue the druidic path. Prime Stats: Willpower and Intellect
Exp %: 120
Combat: 4
HP Gain / Lvl: 5-7
Weapons: 2H Blunt
Armour: Leather
Abilities: RaceNotOK: Half-Ogre, GrantMagic 6096ed56-45db-4b43-b141-615eaafcd8b0:3, Meditate 100