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Name: Ranger
Description: Rangers are a sub-class of fighters with a specialized skill set designed to excel at exploring the fringes of civilization and hunting down their quarry. A deadly combination of hunter, scout, trapper, and assassin, rangers can be found wherever civilization borders the wilderness. To aid them in their outback treks, rangers are trained in a number of combat techniques, survival skills, and even druidic magic. Due to their druidic beliefs, Rangers receive additional bonuses while following a true neutral alignment. Rangers are a powerful, but expensive class, and may be any race. Prime Stats: Agility and Strength, Willpower and Intellect secondary
Exp %: 120
Combat: 7
HP Gain / Lvl: 6-10
Weapons: All
Armour: Chainmail
Abilities: GrantMagic 6096ed56-45db-4b43-b141-615eaafcd8b0:1, GrantStealth 100, Crits 3, GrantMagic 5a9a95e7-1def-4e24-ab25-5fbaea3abf56:1, Meditate 100