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Name: Missionary
Description: Missionaries are merely thieves with healing abilities. They require stealth when voyaging through heathen lands to remain undetected, and occasionally must rely on their thieving skills to survive for long periods away from their mission. They have good clerical magic powers, and also the trouble-solving thief skills. Missionaries are more skulkers than fighters, but can fight well when the need arises. They have been specially trained in the art of the kill, so Missionaries receive a critical hit bonus. Missionaries will use any one-handed weapon, and can wear chainmail armour. This class is open to ALL races, as all deities require messengers of their faith. Prime Stats: Agility and Willpower
Exp %: 150
Combat: 6
HP Gain / Lvl: 5-8
Weapons: 1H Sharp
Armour: Chainmail
Abilities: GrantMagic 56c5f8bc-bb40-42ad-a3fe-891822934f18:2, GrantStealth 100, Crits 3, Meditate 100