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Name: Bard
Description: The bard is a class specializing in music. Perhaps understandably, they're the butt of a lot of jokes with their whimsical ways. However, depending on the situation, they may be useful. Bardic songs are generally useful for buffing allies, weakening enemies, status effects, and occasionally damage, and of all the classes, Bards are the most likely to be good at diplomacy with potential allies. Bards may be ANY race except HALF-OGRE, for have you ever heard an ogre sing? Prime Stats: Charm, Intellect
Exp %: 110
Combat: 5
HP Gain / Lvl: 5-7
Weapons: 1H Sharp
Armour: Leather
Abilities: GrantMagic 8358a88c-4312-4d6c-8717-30e88282aa4e:3, Meditate 100, RaceNotOK: Half-Ogre, GrantStealth 100