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Name: Cleric
Description: Clerics are the divine servants of one or more deities, serving them with martial might and divine magic. Although limited in their combat skills, no adventuring party is complete without a Cleric and their innate healing abilities. In their own right, Cleric’s possess some very powerful combat magics, in addition to their divine healing powers. Because clerical magic is not based upon verbal and somatic components, Clerics are able to wear up to chainmail armours, but will use only blunt weapons, as blood-shed is strictly forbidden. Willpower is the primary trait a cleric uses for divine channeling, and Clerics may be any race EXCEPT Half-Ogre. Prime Stats: Willpower and Strength
Exp %: 150
Combat: 4
HP Gain / Lvl: 4-7
Weapons: 2H Blunt
Armour: Chainmail
Abilities: RaceNotOK: Half-Ogre, Meditate 100, GrantMagic 56c5f8bc-bb40-42ad-a3fe-891822934f18:3