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Name: Shadow-Walker
Description: Shadow-walkers exist on the edge, where light meets shadow, and day turns night. Their existence was merely rumored until a few decades ago, when the shadow guild was finally revealed. Although they use the powers of darkness, not all shadow-walkers are inherently evil, however, most will see them that way. Shadow-walkers rely on their ability to quickly hide in the shadows, so they will only wear silk armours, as agility is imperative. Their modest combat abilities, coupled with their ability to control the shadows for attack, defense and healing, makes them formidable opponents, especially at higher levels. Any race may become a Shadow-walker. Prime Stats: Intellect and Agility.
Exp %: 120
Combat: 5
HP Gain / Lvl: 4-8
Weapons: 1H Sharp
Armour: Silk
Abilities: GrantStealth 125, Crits 2, Meditate 100, GrantMagic f273f356-289c-4182-a7ca-30c0b8132cf9:3