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Name: Rogue
Description: Rogues are more than a common thief, but less than a highly-skilled assassin. Rogues are versatile masters of stealth, combat, and various skillful tricks. Where other adventurers have the power to defeat their enemies, rogues use their wits and their natural resourcefulness to exploit their foes' vulnerabilities as well as to lead their allies safely through dangerous environments, disarming traps and opening locks along the way. Rogues are the only lock pickers with enough skill to open even the most difficult vault door. Other than High-Elves, who see themselves too dignified, ALL races may become rogues. Prime Stats: Intellect and Agility
Exp %: 80
Combat: 5
HP Gain / Lvl: 5-8
Weapons: 1H Sharp
Armour: Leather
Abilities: GrantStealth 100, BSMaxDmg 10, BSMinDmg 10, Crits 5, RaceNotOK: High-Elf