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Name: Knight
Description: Knights are a sub-class of fighters who have chosen to live their lives according to a lawful code, whether for Good or Evil purposes. Knights of a Lawful Good code will follow the church and deity of their faith, while evil Knights obtain their powers through pacts and services to the Underworld. Knights are imbued with Clerical magic, and gain special bonuses while travelling on their respective planes (Celestial for Good, Hades for Evil). Any race may become a knight. Knights, like fighters, will wear any armor and use any weapon. Knights are the only class which may use the Holy Avenger and Unholy Devastator swords. Prime Stats: Strength and Willpower
Exp %: 130
Combat: 8
HP Gain / Lvl: 6-13
Weapons: All
Armour: Platemail
Abilities: Bash 100, GrantMagic 56c5f8bc-bb40-42ad-a3fe-891822934f18:1, Meditate 100